Are you part of an organization? Business Coaching is a competitive advantage. It adapts to your business needs.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is the perfect option for coaching individuals and teams in a corporate environment. It is most suitable for Small and Medium sized Enterprises who need to transform their businesses in a new operating environment, especially now in times of crisis such as the turmoil caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Business coaching is a process in which a business coach provides professional guidance and support to Small and Medium-sized business owners with the goal of improving their overall business performance: profits and growth. However, we believe this is only possible if the organization implements, establishes and nurtures an employee-centered company culture in which people are the most valued resource. Highly engaged staff are a more profitable staff and the reason why you should start investing in their training and well-being.

Business Coaching is suitable for employees and managers on any hierarchical level. Business Coaching can happen in different settings and this will be determined by the company’s specific requirements, needs and desired outcomes.

Areas of expertise:

I can help you with

Personal development

A powerful intervention suitable for all levels of seniority within and outside of an organization. A Personal Development program aims to help individuals become more self-aware, to assume greater responsibility and ownership of his or her life design, which is highly beneficial in the corporate environment.

Conflict Management

It is not about adversity itself, it is more about how you react to adversity that determines the way you manage conflicts. Learning enhanced conflict resolution techniques is a valuable asset to the company culture.

Time Management

Do you carry around unfinished work for days? Tasks only add up while pressure increases on deadlines. When stress takes control we underperform. Often this is a sign of poor time management.

change management

Change Management is a process that helps ease any organizational transitions. More specifically, it helps employees to understand, commit to, accept and embrace change in their corporate environment.

Communication Management

Communication is one of the major challenges in the workplace. Good communication in the workplace is one of the signs of a high-performance culture. The way you communicate with your team members and customers has a direct impact on your revenue. Do you want to improve your communication skills?

executive leadership

Leadership is about team spirit and it starts with self-awareness - not only to be capable of establishing a climate of trust, but also in order to build and manage a team. Accurate self-assessment is integral to growth. Do you want to discover your leadership style and unleash your leadership charisma?

How does Business Coaching work?

Team Coaching, workshops ideally take place in person either in the company itself or in an external conference location. The length of the coaching will be determined by the topic and desired outcomes. Group Coaching must be thematized. You can choose one of the 6 pillars I offer: Time Management, Change Management, Conflict Management, Communication Management, Leadership Training or Personal Development.

Individual Members can join a one-to-one session or a group coaching session in order to connect with other members so there is a  common thread that pulls them together. Although each individual has their own particular goal, the group coaching programs have an overarching theme that is of interest to every participant. Ideally it takes place in person, yet it can also happen virtually -according to the demand.

Leadership Training Having the right people on board is a crucial for your company. Executives and managers often do not have leadership skills and this often leads to mismanagement. This is why it is important to provide them with the right training to not only manage their resources most effectively, but to feel more confident while they do so and to inspire a better performance amongst their team.

This is exactly where many companies reach their limits – managers bring with them their image, style, charisma and it often collides with the existing management models. We provide the professional support to align the company culture and the leadership style.

My leadership trainings are tailor-made. Together we coordinate the values, culture, competence models as well as the future leadership style based on your individual charisma and the corporate needs and vision as a requirement on which the coaching process is based.

When should I get a Business Coach?

I hear a lot of business owners and managers speculate about when is the right time to get a external change agent, such as a business coach.

Many Start-Ups and SMEs fail with internal communication. Information usually does not land on time and it often lacks transparency. The act of communicating new processes and structural changes often gives room for tension and mistrust, which is not the way to run a successful business.

Business Coaching can serve to provide team building training where the idea is to get teams or different department members working together in an agile manner focused on the same goal. This shared common goal needs to be defined before the session starts, so that everyone has equal expectation and comes in with the same intention of centering their efforts on achieving the desired outcome. 

For example: after companies make significant leadership changes, build or grow a new team, introduce new processes or develop a new product, the staff often struggles to identify the vision and/or mission brought in by the new management or they struggle to understand the new product strategy. 

This needs to be communicated adequately within the organization, so that everyone is aligned with the company’s interest and in order to be transmitted properly externally to: clients, customers, service providers, commercial partners. In this case, a group coaching constellation works best for promoting the necessary connection, communication and interaction between team members and departments, boosting the relationship between the management and employees.

Benefits of Business Coaching

  •  Coaching has a positive Return On Investment
  •  Coaching decreases absenteeism / sick leave
  • Coaching increases the connection between employees through an improved working atmosphere (Effect: more retention, more engagement) 
  • Coaching improves the working atmosphere within teams and promotes a more overall productive performance through on-going workshops and training
  • Coaching helps clarify the vision of the business and how it fits in with the personal goals of the employers
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