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1:1 Coaching

A powerful intervention suitable for all levels of serionity and disciplines within and outside of an organization.

Group Coaching

Bringing team members together benefits organizations by stimulating constructive exchange and an entrepreneurial outlook.

Executive & Leadership Culture

To succeed, businesses need leaders who bring new perspectives, new thinking, new ideas and who have the skills to manage the company in an uncertain and fast-paced digital global world.


Check out our Online Courses!
For those who prefer this format, we will be putting together some of our programs in form of Online Courses.

Results I've Helped Create

Juliana 2

"It helped me get back to planning my time more efficiently, to time-bound tasks and goals and to use planning and advertising softwares. Parallely we elaborated a business-plan for my side project and I managed to launch it. It helped overall to gain focus and structure."

Juliana Perdomo
Civil Engineer
photo Andrea

" I had a low self-steem and it was afecting my business. The injection of positivism and the philosophy of living with purpose were fundamental for my recovery. I had many unvaluable findings through the process. I lived with a scarcity mindset and I did not realize it until I joined the Personal Development Bootcamp. I can only recommend it, specially for those who want to boost their professional and personal growth."

Andrea Martínez
Foto Marina 2

"Above all I gained so much clarity. It’s amazing how much serenity and self-confidence I've obtained. I managed to overcome my fears and I identify my streghts and focus on them in my daily handling. Through the process I recovered purpose and courage, which was key to launch my on-line course. It was crucial for me in the face of transition"

Marina Perdomo G.
Interior Designer
Foto Sasha

"Wow! I gained so much clarity and learned to take action without expecting to always feel ready or striving for perfect. I also won more perspective in terms of the direction I want to take and I understood that in order to achieve my goals, I need to adopt, from today on, a series of new habits. I found the courage to launch my jewellery brand "Nahiak. I learned to prioritize ideas and projects, organize better and be overall more efficient."

Sasha Donaque
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