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How does One-to-One coaching work?


One-to-One Coaching is ideal for individuals seeking clarity, professional guidance and support in conflicting areas. The length of the sessions will be determined by the client’s personal need and envisioned outcomes. It takes place in a private setting, in person or virtually, and it is a safe space to follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Establish Coaching Agreement 

2) Set goal or outcome

3) Jointly explore potential actions, strategies, solutions, perspective shifts

4) Identify and commit to action

5) Key outcomes

6) Accountability and Follow-Up

Areas of expertise:

I can help you with

Personal development

A powerful intervention suitable for all levels of seniority within and outside of an organization. A Personal Development program aims for individuals to become more self-aware, to assume greater responsability and ownership of his or her life design, gain clarity and take steady action.

Conflict Management

It is not about adversity itself, it is more about how you react to adversity that determines the way you manage conflicts. Learning enhanced conflict resolution techniques is an incredible asset to your life.

Time Management

Do you carry around unfinished work for days? Tasks only add up while pressure increases on deadlines. When stress takes control we performance poorly. Often this is a hint of insufficient time management.

change management

Change Management is a process that helps ease any organizational transitions. More specifically, it helps employees to understand, commit to, accept and embrace change in their corporate environment.

Communication Management

The way you communicate will determine your success in your career, life and business. Authentic and assertive communication is an important competitive advantage in today's global digital ecomony. Do you want to improve your communication skills?

executive leadership

Leadership is about team spirit, empowering and inspiring others. It starts with self-awareness not only to be capable of establishing a climate of trust with and across the company, but also to build and manage a team accordingly. This training invites you to untap your leadership charisma. Are you ready?

Who is One-to-One Coaching suitable for?

Success is the byproduct of engaging with the right behaviours over time. This is where coaching becomes a valuable tool for those who whish to gain more insights and awareness of the decisions, behaviours and habits that have lead them to the present results. One-to-One Coaching creates a supportive space that enables you to assess, plan and reflect on yourself, strongly addopting a growth approach. Most important, together we will focus mainly on the future -understanding that results depend on the actions we take or no take today in the present. Actions, in turn, are initiated by the thoughts we have and between those thoughts and actions toward certain outcomes, lies the power of decisions. Often these thoughts and decisions are conscious, however most of our daily decisions are made unconsciously based on subconscious programming.

With my results-driven framework I will support you to get a clear vision of your objectives and how to achieve them by creating a strategy and an action plan that you will commit to towards the achievement of your goals.

Benefits of One-to-One Coaching

  • Coaching has a positive Return on Investment
  • Coaching keeps you accountable
  • Coaching restores self-confidence and self-trust
  • Coaching generates learning, clarity and commitment for forward actions towards measurable outcomes
  • Coaching maximizes potential
  • Coaching increases productivity and personal performance
  • Coaching helps you mantain focus on setting goals and meeting them
  • Coaching keeps track and measures progress that many avoid recording on their own

Six-week Bootcamp!Personal development bootcamp

Make yourself a priority! Learn about how you can take control of yourself. In six weeks you will connect with yourself in a deep way. This program is designed to put the pieces back together. Find out more about yourself, your values, your needs, your strengths, your achievements, your vision and purpose. How does this sound? There is no secret formula to success, it is the implementation of the right behaviours over time that leads you there. This is a unique, creative and resourceful process!

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