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From ex- corporate square peg to vibrant entrepreneur. This is my journey: as an expat, it hasn’t been simple to steer my corporate career in a steady direction. In 12 years I have worked in all types of organizations: from a Non-Profit, to a global corporation, to a Start-Up. However, I always dreamt of having my own company which provided me with the flexibility and diversity my life requires.

Having built up enough courage, I decided it was the right time to take the leap to found my personal brand and give birth to my company. It took me 12 years of a colorful, international corporate career to understand and acknowledge that taking the leap is part of my purpose…

In my profession I have discovered the highest satisfaction from helping, guiding and inspiring others. Certainly no corporate job so far has provided me with the opportunity to create so much impact. This is the reason why I decided to take action and create my “own lane”.

Throughout my signature program “The Personal Development Bootcamp” I have worked with many professionals -within and outwith organizations- to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to step into their roles and purpose with more ease. 

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What is holding you back?


What is holding you back to pursuing and accomplishing your goals? I work with professionals like you within organizations or outside organizations to provide a professional guidance with the objective in mind of optimizing people’s overall performace, either if you’re and entrepreneur or part of an organization.

The story behind why I decided to become an entrepreneur starts more or less when I realized that I need more creative freedom, purpose-oriented work and more revenue potential. What about you?

I know first hand this requires not only a good business plan, but also a huge amount of courage and bravery. However, the pressure is high and we deal with many lows throughout the journey, such as the  moments of stress, disbelief and self-doubt.

Don’ t worry! I have designed a framework to help you uncover your full potential in order for you to build and grow the life and  business you want. 



Clarity happens when you are in tune with yourself and it is the key to thriving in life. Clarity happens through a self-assessment process. When we have clarity we know what we really want and why. As a result, we can navigate successfully in our lives. With clarity, we can turn our ideas into an actual achievable plan, one goal at a time.


Nobody is born with limitless self-steem and confidence. It is rather something we build. Confidence can be trained and developed. Fear is not our default state, it's more of a protection mechanism, but not a positive one. Many of us have fear of failure, fear of the unknown or fear of rejection and when we lack the self-confidence needed to overcome these fears, we tend hold ourselves back.


Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the triumph over fear. Courageous people conquer fear and are able to manage their emotions and overcome that fear to such an extent that it does not prevent them from taking action. Courage involves mastering your emotions and is the ingredient that is required to turn ideas into an actual plan that translates into specific steps toward our goals.


Finding purpose and meaning in what we do is vital. Purpose answers the question "why". We are wired to connect, serve and seek meaning in what we do. Part of purpose is serving a greater good that allows us to feel more connected and fulfilled. Organizations are beginning to understand that sense of meaning translates into higher levels of engagement and are starting to see the economic and personal benefits. Purpose is becoming a business imperative nowadays.

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