Personal Development: Your Growth Strategy

Master the basic principles of Personal Development through my results-driven framework that’ll provide you the knowledge and tools to boost your performance and hack productivity in just 6-weeks!

Good news, everyone! I’ve designed a Bootcamp that will boost your performance in just 6-Weeks. The word bootcamp ˈbuːt ˌkæmp’ is often known to refer to a type of physical training that consists of many different types of high-intensity exercise, mostly done outdoor. However, here we refer to Bootcamp as a mental training that consists of different types of exercises aiming to achieve clarity in all dimensions of your life: personal, professional, social, emotional and physical that contribute and determine your overall well-being.

As a force for growth and progress, Personal Development is an important aspect of life which we should all strive for, because it gives clarity to the personal vision, sharpens existing skills, gives your talents actual room to shine, improves effectiveness in business, drives motivation and satisfaction, builds client and employee confidence, reduces staff turnover, improves unity and it’s a key source in the happiness formula.

How? Throughout the last decade I have acquired many powerful tools and techniques that will allow me to give you impulses in order to bring you to a self-reflection state. My role here is to be the intermediate between you and yourself. All the answers you need are already inside of you. You just need to tap into it. There is just one prerequisite though. Your commitment to yourself. This is a wonderful process and it will require work, in form of collaboration from both parties. Nevertheless you need to be commited to do your part.

The Personal Development Bootcamp is my signature program and it has been thoroughly designed for anyone seeking answers. The conception of this program is based on the premises of  Carl Jung´s fundamentals of “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”, reason why this program is future oriented and with a highly practical-driven component.

The duration of this Bootcamp is 6-weeks. You can enroll to this program when the registration opens. We will open 5 cohorts per year. Before you register, I highly recommend you to download my free Performance Guide and book a free consultation call with me to discuss if this is the right option for you. This is not a pre-recorded course, it will take place in a one-to-one setting, either in person or video call, if we can not meet.

Who is eligible for this Bootcamp? Basically anyone who is commited to look into oneself. Througout the course of these 6-Weeks we will be working together based on different concepts and methodologies that will only accelerate your improvement toward your talents, potential, employability and the ability to set goals and create wealth. Your results will always be linked to the effort you make today in improving yourself and your prospects in life.

This Bootcamp is structured to last 6-Weeks. We are meant to meet 6 times, ideally 1 time per week until we complete the program. There is an agenda and curriculum that support each session with a theorethical background, followed by practical exercises. These theories are formulated to open the topic and explain certain phenomenas with the intention to challenge and extend your existing knowledge within the limits of your own assumptions.

Does this sound like something you want to do? Book the free 20-minute consultation call or write me an Email to provide you with further information and find out if this is the right program for you. I am more than happy to listen to you and potentially work together. Don’t hesitate and contact me!

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