We need more leaders, not bosses

The value of a leader in any business can not be understated. If you and I were to start a conversation about your boss right now, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Don’t worry; I have also had different kinds of bosses. As a matter of fact, luckily for me, my last manager was more of a leader than a boss….

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Resilience: Designing Today’s Workforce

Turning challenges into opportunities One powerful phrase, “Think well, live well”, that I have adopted as my mantra, derives from Jo Owen’s brilliant book, “Resilience, 10 habits to thrive in life and work”. This book helped me understand that the quality of our thoughts will determine our reality. For that reason, cultivating positive thoughts helps us cope more easily with our daily affairs and improve…

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From Change-Averse to Change-Agent: Two Ends of the Spectrum

Embracing Change as a Catalyst for Personal Development All the clients with whom I have worked with so far, share a common denominator. After the third or fourth coaching session they confess that somehow looking into themselves makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Indeed, I know this feeling only too well, having experienced it myself as a coachee. Through the assessment process, we are meant…

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